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    Ole Flamenco is India’s first Flamenco dance company based out of Mumbai.

    Artistic Director Behnaz Khusrokhan Bhandare leads this company of energetic dancers and musicians in powerful performances. We believe that the vigorous spirit of flamenco, a multicultural art form, has the power to build bridges between cultures and inspire audiences from diverse backgrounds.


    Our mission is to:

    ~ Showcase the Flamenco dance form to the Indian public

    ~ Create and perform quality dance works in theatrical venues


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    Behnaz Bhandare


    Ole! Flamenco was founded by Behnaz Khusrokhan Bhandare.  Behnaz started dancing at the age of 4 at the School of Classical Ballet and Western dance in Mumbai. She has a Bachelors in Dance from Denison University, USA. Post college she moved to New York, where she danced with various dance companies including World Dance Fusion Company, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company, Mezclado and Camara Modern dance Companies as well as the Surati Classical Indian and folk dance company. She also spent a year in Sevilla, Spain where she did an intensive advanced level flamenco course and performed with the Christina Heeren Foundation. She has performed in various places all over the world including Mumbai, New York, Seville, Washington DC and Anchorage, Alaska.

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    Adela Saja


    Adela Naranjo Saja is originally from Cadiz, Spain, and has been living in Mumbai over the past year, teaching Spanish as a foreign language in a school. She has been dancing with the Ole Flamenco for 1 month and already feels at home in the studio! She learnt the basics of Flamenco during her childhood in Cadiz and then recently had an opportunity to conduct a workshop in “Sevillanas” (a variant of Flamenco) with an NGO in Orissa. Adela finds it really heartening that both Indians and Spanish enjoy their dance and music, and is looking forward to more shows with the Olé! Flamenco Dance Company.

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    Anamika started her dance career at the age of 7 years and has always been open to discover various styles. She is currently a teacher with The School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance. She started her dance career with studying Kathak and went on to exploring different styles like jazz, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, house, funk, urban, dancehall, street stilettos, salsa, bachata and Bollywood. She began to study ballet in 2008 and has successfully passed several examinations with distinctions and highly recommended results. She has also done the I.S.T.D Modern dance examinations and has received the Bronze and Silver Jazz Awards with honours. She has also trained with the 'Shiamak Davar's Institute for the Performing Arts 'for 5 years and with Ashley Lobo's 'The Danceworx' for 2 years.


    We perform at various occasions including dance performances, arts festivals, corporate / enterprise parties, private celebratory events (e.g., anniversaries, weddings). 



    We have performed at the Kala Godha Festival in 2011 and 2012. We were asked to give a performance at the Experimental Theatre at the NCPA for the Time and Talents club in Nov 2012.


    A selection from some of our recent shows

    The Guajira is a popular song amongst the farmers and the Guajiro peasants of Cuba. The lyrics relate mainly to Havana and its inhabitants, or themes of love and nostalgia. It is a very happy and rhythmic style and it adopts the rhythm of the punto cubano, a musical style that was taken from Cuba to the Canary Islands, where it blended with indigenous elements. The Guajira is usually performed with a fan and is extremely fun, colourful and flirtatious in nature.

    This piece is choregraphed by Behnaz k Bhandare

    The Rhumba is a flamenco dance in a four-four time signature. It is an extremely loud dance, so if you shout “Guapa”or sexy, “Ole” or Bravo, “Anda”or come on, “Carina” or sweetheart you will be encouraging your performers to dance full heartedly! This Rhumba is set to the song “La Casa en el aire” -  a popular and rhythmic piece composed and performed by Rosario Flores. This piece has been choreographed by Behnaz K Bhandare.

    The Bulerías (originating from Jerez de la Fontera), is a highly stylized and intense form of flamenco. It is distinguished by its fast pace, rhythm, & sharp movements that build up to the the "jaleo"or the improvisation, enhanced by the "palmas" or hand percussion. This Buleria, "Alfileres de Colores", is a climactic and powerful expression of the strength and suffering of the Gypsies in Spain. It was choreographed by Ole! Flamenco inspired by Maria del Sol and Lucero Cárdenas.

    Farruca is the name given to an Andalucian Spaniard who is courageous and has left their land. It is a serious, sober and virile dance which is usually performed by the male flamenco dancer, in which the rhythmic highlights of the feet stamping and strong heel work together give a predominance of serious attitudes. Carmen Amaya, a famous female dancer made this dance popular with the Spanish women dancers during the 1910 – 1930s during the time of feminism. The Farruca is melancholy and static, slow and severe in nature. This piece is dedicated to Behnaz’s teacher Andrea Del Conte who passed away three years ago from cancer.


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